Industrial Flooring

HiTech Constructions has a huge range of industrial flooring systems, which are designed to offer highly durable and resilient workhorse surfaces, perfect for the challenging industrial operating conditions.

In order to match the needs of the client, we offer complete industrial flooring solutions. Whether you need abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, heavy load resistance, maintenance, or all of them, we are always concerned about offering you the right solution. Our portfolio of providing performance floorings, are worthy to deliver the strength required to handle the climatic variation, doesn’t matter it is an industrial coating or just a self-leveling epoxies without joint through heavy duty epoxy and polyurethanes mortar systems.

All the floor-coating systems that we offer at HiTech Constructions are free of any joints. These are designed to deliver seamless finish dust without any crack or crevices to accumulate bacteria, dust, and dirt. This is more than enough to build user-friendly surface with cleaner surface that ensure the hygiene.